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Our dogs are custom made next door at Karl Ehmer's Butcher,
and served on buns from Long Island's Blue Duck Bakery.

Duke's Story

Our story starts in Patchogue during the late 1930s...

when local police officer Norris Gilman rescued a white and brown puppy from a cess pool on West Main Street. Gilman adopted the pup, named him Duke, and started bringing him to work. Soon enough Duke was walking beats, riding sidecar in Gilman's police motorcycle, watching traffic and manning the corner of Main Street and Ocean Avenue. He became the unoffical mascot of the old village police department.

When Duke passed away in 1954, after living a long and happy life, the Patchogue PBA honored him with a plaque right on the four corners of Main Street, where it still stands today. The inscription reads: "Just a dog, but a four-legged legend on the four corners."

Pete Berman of the Patchogue Historical Society recalls "He used to lay right where the stone was at. He was a loyal pet to the officers." He remembered Duke walking his patrols with Gilman, saying "He was a fixture, one of the local characters."

Duke's Dogs is our way of honoring the four legged legend of the four corners!

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